How to show digital photos
on television

Thinking of other ways to share your digital photos other than through email, online albums or Photo CDs?

TV with remote, show digital photos on television

Then show your digital photos on television! Get everyone comfortable on the couch and enjoy sharing your photos in a slide show through the biggest screen in your house: the television.


There are 3 ways to show digital photos on television:

  1. The easiest and cheapest way is to use the video-out cable that comes with your digital camera.
  2. video cable, video-out cable

    Simply connect one end to your digital camera, and the other end to the video input of your TV or VCR. Press the camera button that normally displays your photos on the LCD. But this time, since your camera is connected to the television, your photos will appear on TV instead.

    Some cameras have built-in slide show control so you can show your digital photos on television in a slide show. You might want to check your manual if your camera allows it and for more info about this feature.

    The drawback of this method is that you can only display the digital photos contained in your memory card. Plus you can't add sounds and effects while watching the slideshow.

    How about we show digital photos on television in a more exciting way, complete with sounds and transitions? If so...

  3. Use gadgets like Delkin eFilm Picturevision that sits on top of your television.
  4. Delkin eFilm Picturevision, photo viewer

    Just insert your digital camera's memory card and the photos are shown on TV.

    View your photos in a slideshow complete with transitions. It even comes with a remote control so you can operate it while relaxing on the couch.

    You can also use Sandisk Photo Album to show your digital photos on television.

    Just plug it to your TV via any audio/video input. Then display your digital photos contained in a USB flash drive or eight other types of storage media.

    Add background music to your slide shows, or play video clips and mp3s. For a truly pleasurable experience, there's a remote control, too.

    Another thing, the USB flash drive is very useful because you can load the photos you've already transferred to your computer for viewing on TV. You're not limited to viewing only the photos contained in your memory cards.

    Want another way to view photos already uploaded to your PC on TV?

    If you have a DVD burner, then...

  5. Show digital photos on television by burning them on a DVD.
  6. DVD, CD

    You can use software like Sonic MyDVD or DVD Photo Slideshow to burn your photos on DVD and add video transitions and music as well. Then watch your photos through your DVD player.

That's it! Next time family and friends come for a visit, gather everyone in the living room, and show your precious photos via the big screen.

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